Thursday, August 25, 2011

Times are ah-changing!

SO why have I been so MIA?? Well because times are changing and I needed some time to regroup! For the first time in 22 months I’m working! It was a good ride being a SAHM but it was never the long term plan. Without breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably - I’m missing my Hailey baby… I miss waking up to her little sounds in the morning through her monitor and hearing her talk to herself as she lays in her crib…I miss our routine of getting ready and eating breakfast together. I miss sharing my whole day with this crazy energy pack little monkey. I’ve experienced every change and everything that she has learned firsthand, watching her grow amazes me daily and now I’m at work and someone else gets to experience this for me! Worse (although I know she is in a good place) I also know that they have seen a bunch of little ones go through these changes and for them it isn’t quite as magical as it is for me. Needless to say my heart aches as we go through this time of change.

This is ultimately a good change and I know it’s for the better, long term. My monkey isn’t my only priority my other baby is four years away from graduating high school and this means having to save our monies as much as we can. It’s time to be the responsible momma that I have always been and this I’m afraid is no easy task! Our future has all kinds of things in the works and in the present we have to do some wise parenting! Short term this will take some getting used to...

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