Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stress Points


Running is my hash it out with myself time, my hash it out with my mind and crazy thoughts – time.  Running has become something I need to do, not just what I want to do. Yes I want to run, for my health to help me lose weight, I want to run because of what running has enabled me to do, the places it takes me {literally} and who it has shaped me to be over the past year.
I need to run. I have always wanted to run but I was too out of shape to run, I haven’t been always very overweight, even when I was of the lighter fare, I wanted to run. If you know me from years back, especially my teenage years, you know that I can at times, maybe, possibly have a bit of a temper on me. {Insert Jokes Here: Haha} I have been a little bit more calm in the past few years, yes this what I call clam :) . It takes a lot more to get me to the point of wanting to snap someone’s head off (so to speak), or sometimes just one really BIG stupid thing, sometimes. Anyway, I remember getting angry when I was younger and just leaving, just running till I lost my breath, and then I’d walk until I was ready to head back. Crazy isn’t it?
Years later, also known as today I started running because it was a last ditch effort chance for me to do something about my health and weight. It’s worked, weight has been lost and health has improved greatly, but there has been so much more to it than that. I am more comfortable with my self today than in a very long time, I feel like I can take on so much more life than I could before. AND on days when it feels like everything has gone wrong or in a period of time when things are just not panning out, a run makes the difference. I can breathe easier after run, my thoughts are more clear and there is something about conquering a long run in the heat of summer that make me feel invincible.
I’ve had a couple of stressful weeks here and there as of late, nothing too bad, but again for me (and my ahem temper), and being a mom of a senior (gulp) and a spunky 4 year old (going on sassy-teen) and the whole household thing this momma needs a run. I need to pound the pavement, I need to be out there when the sun is breaking through that Texas sky and I need to be out there and get drenched in sweat. Still sounds crazy hu? It’s not, but it is cheaper than therapy :) or so I’ve heard!

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