Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Goodbye November...

It used to be that February was the month of choice for me, being my birth month I would expect the greatest most life altering moments to occur in that month.  Sounds silly but it was almost a romantic notion for me, I could go down a list of things I would tell myself must be accomplished in February.  When I first started running I wanted to make sure that I could and would run 3.1 miles by my 34th birthday, and I did, it wasn’t pretty and I was as slower than a heard of turtles stamping through peanut butter but I ran!  
Truth is that there is no magical power surrounding my birth month, no, I am a firm believer that things will happen in God’s timing not my own. With that being said I wanted to give a quick re-cap of my November 2014 – it’s not all running related or is it? For me running grounds me and helps me cope with all other crazy in my life.
November 4th – my son (my baby) the first little guy that made me fall head over heal in love turned  18. Although I have nicknamed him “Gigantor” around the house because, let’s face it, he is bigger and taller than anyone else in our house…or anyone that visits our house…he is taller than his father, his uncles and to put things more simply we are all VERY short- he will always be my baby! This is his senior year and life is just way too harsh to let time fly by me the way it has been these past months and years.
November 16th – I ran my second half marathon. I finished the “bridge series” with this run and gained a bond with my running girls that make us stronger together; although we run each race at our own pace we are never alone. I came to a deeper understanding of this during that cold and wet 13.1 miles where along the way we realized that knowing that the other was out there runnning the same race and waiting for each other at the finish is one of the best ever feelings a runner can have.
November 24th- my little bear turned 5, and I still can’t wrap my head around the quickness of these years. At 5 years old she walks around and will suddenly move or act in such a way that catches my breath because I can see a glimpse of her older self.  Knowing that she is growing up in the culture that we are surrounded by today makes me think… many more miles will have to be run through  the upcoming years if I am to keep sane and clear headed to keep up with this sassy little one.
Of course – November 27th – We had Thanksgiving in our home and although in my family probably slightly more than others consist of family that was born family and family that is chosen family, somehow this year it rang more true and more vivid than it has in the past. I am so very Thankful for that!
November 30th – on the morning of the 30th I ran 10 miles with my sole sister, Cindy, and I was grateful to have her by my side. Would it be too much to say that for a brief moment I thought she might not run with us again?  Running and training is mostly done alone… opening us to a floodgate of emotions and time alone to process those emotions… I am happier than ever to have her running again – 13.1 here we come!
Oh but there is more… November 30, 2014- my mother was married that evening. If you know anything about me personally then you know my mom and you might cringe or giggle or both at the thought of coming across her. She is strong willed; she speaks her mind and is very independent. Although she was a single mom, that didn’t speak English, she is proud owner of her own home, her own car (s) throughout the years), and much more than that her own life. Not letting limitations limit her. Not allowing society to dictate what or when she did and how she overcame.  My mom and I are not always on the same page but I attribute that to the simple fact that we are very much alike :)

That being said. Good luck to her husband!! LOL just kidding. I do wish them both much happiness, and years of love and a future that will envelope them in blessings.

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