Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Snapshots 5 | Easter Love

This weekend Snapshots is pretty much brought to you by Easter! Of course! Thanks to the Easter Holiday we had a long weekend and for me a two day work week being that we just made it back from our Spring Break trip! Don’t forget to join the other ladies at 3twentysix,, The Reinvention Of Jessica, Onixj and Independent Mami as they recap their weekends too! As always you never know what you’ll find on a Weekend Snapshot, maybe you’ll find a great idea for something you can do next weekend!

I’ll be honest with you, momma was not ready for a Easter weekend. We had mountains of clothes to wash from our trip, our fridge was on empty and I was in no way ready for Easter Baskets, plastic eggs and candy! SO of course come Friday I was decide to set off on yet another adventure! HA! We couldn’t help it, we have been meaning to take little bear to the Museum ofNatural Science for a very long time, so why not Friday?

If you haven’t been to the Museum in a while you definitely need to go they have made some pretty awesome changes throughout the Museum. Recently they upgraded the Planetarium to something called Digistar 5 System, although I’ve been explained what all that means in the technical sense, it means it looks even better than ever. Hailey was amazed, she swore we were moving the whole time, so if you try it out let me know if you think you are moving too. The whole experience is very trippy!!

We also saw the National Parks Adventure in 3D on the Wortham Giant Screen!! It was epic! What made it even more amazing was the fact that we just came back from hiking through the Red Woods and I swear there is a scene taken from the very spot we visited! Little Bear was like, “OMG we were just there!!” and yes she says OMG not Oh My God. What can I say, six year olds. drama. going on sixteen half the time.

Lastly we spent quite some time in the Cockrell ButterflyCenter, because girls :) Seriously if you are a girl or have a little girl or maybe you are just fascinated by butterflies you should go and you should go soon! It must be butterfly season because they are everywhere! They fly right up to you and land on you! Way cool! The girls would not leave until one would actually land on them. For some reason Little Bear was not having any luck, I thought we would never leave, then suddenly one landed on her hand and one landed on my hand at the same time! Then I was geeking out like a 6 year old!! I was like, “OMG!!! Babe come take a picture of us!!!!!

Of course we spent all of Saturday washing, grocery shopping and getting Little Bears stuff ready for Easter. This Easter Hailey was all about candy, toys and bunnies, can I have some, when can I have it and can I have more? We have raised Little Bear in Church all along and she herself will read her bible and uses her bible story app on her tablet all the time. She has a very good understanding when it comes to Jesus being the reason for the season but this weekend she was over taken by the Bunny hype. Before Sunday Service she was asking if they were going to have an Easter egg hunt for them and she was grumpy when we explained to her that was not going to happen. After church I had her tell me what she learned in her class and she gave me a full recap of the Resurrection of Jesus (full blow recap in little bear style too!) , later that day when we forgot pack something for our little Easter Party she shrugged, “Oh well, at least Jesus came back to life right?” LOL yes and we are very glad He did too! 

You talkin' to me? 

Cousins are the Best!! 

Hoppy Easter!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! I know we did :) 

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