Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This Weekend Snapshots 8 | Kids + Summer

Cockrell Butterfly Center @ HMNS

Summer is in full swing now, I have Fridays off for the summer, the pools are open and the heat is on! This weekend I was able to have my niece and nephew stay a couple of nights to celebrate my niece’s birthday – she turned 7 (OMG) on Friday!! I still remember the night she was born, I was miles away on my Honey Moon in Hawaii, and in the middle of the night I woke up something in my heart told me it was time. I checked my phone, no calls and no messages but I was still pretty certain that I would not be there for her birth. By morning my brother called me to let me know she was born and healthy (as was momma) and my heart was full – little bear was only six months away herself and her niece was officially waiting for her cousin to be born.

These girls love each other deeply, they squeal and giggle in the anticipation of the other. This weekend was no different, Hailey was going crazy “making plans” for everything they had to do this weekend. Friday I took the girls shopping (my nephew in tow even though he is getting way too cool these days) and then we went swimming! Oh how we love the water, these kids could live at the pool if we let them and I have to say I don’t mind it much myself. Armed with snacks, drinks and major amounts of sunscreen we chilled at the pool for hours. By the time we made it home pizza and movies finished off the night until they all passed out (it’s a beautiful thing, being exhausted after going to the pool!).

Saturday went by pretty quick getting ready and then heading to Houston Museum of Natural Science for the Birthday Party – did you know you can have birthday parties at the Museum? It was actually very cool the kids made slime and visited the Butterfly center before heading back to the party room for some grub and ice-cream cake! Oh Yeah!

A pretty good deal for a kid’s birthday party if you ask me! Normally if you have a 2 hour time slot for a party, that’s it! After your two hours you are done, and head on home but this way everyone also had admission to the general exhibit, so they could stay and explore afterwards.

Sunday was pretty much normal, I was exhausted! LOL I normally have only one little bear with me and one giant one out on his own, being momma of more wore me out! Thankfully it was a rainy Sunday which totally allowed for us to chill and watch movies. I did manage to pry myself off the couch to finish up the details on another wood working project (on the blog Thursday!).

Don't forget to check what the other ladies at 3TwentySix and The Reinvention of Jessica are doing this summer! What are your go to summer activities? I see a lot of Fridays at the pool in our future :) 

Shopping Shenanigans!!
Little Bear making a Splash! 
Niece and Nephew having a blast! 
Lazy River Time

Birthday Girl's Underwater Shot!
LOL My Underwater Shot didn't come out as well!! 
Over looking the Rose Garden
Slime Time!
7 year old cuteness 

Wood Burning and Finishing touches! 

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