Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekend Snapshots 9 | More Love and Mushy Stuff

This past weekend was somewhat of super mushy lovely kind of weekend, with plans to attend a wedding and then Father’s Day, of course love was in the air! Now that my weekends start on Friday I am trying to make appointments that I would otherwise schedule time off of work, so I totally got my hair did! I still have not taken a good picture of my hair, partly because I was not crazy about how it turned out (I still am not convinced about it) but oh well hopefully it will grow on me or I’ll have to cough up some cash-o-la and get it redone!

Our next stop was to take some pictures of little bear for a Father’s Day idea I had. You must realize this was not an easy task, little bear was all about doing pictures until she had to be outside in the Texas Heat and then she started melting. This girl, let me tell you, she is fine and dandy chasing bugs, squirrels and grasshoppers but posing for a picture – please who has time for that? I just needed 3 good shots thankfully I got them before we passed out from heat exhaustion! I think they came out pretty good!

Saturday, was all about the wedding as my hubby was a groomsmen for his cousin. The Bride and Groom have been looking forward to sharing this special day with their friends and family for quite some time and we were happy to be a part of it all. Most of you may not know I once planned weddings (shocker I know), for about 5 years as a single momma, that was the bread winner for my family of two. It was a demanding job and very detail oriented, some 15 years later it is embedded in my soul. Till this day when I am at a wedding, I still want to walk up to strange men and fix their boutonnieres, I want to adjust their collars and fix their shirts too. It drives me nuts! Thankfully this was family and they fully gave me the okay to pin, adjust and straighten up to my hearts delight! HA!
The wedding took place in Willis, TX not too far from home but we took advantage of the distance and stayed in the area over night. This way Sunday morning could be focused on the hubby for Father’s Day. We took a drive to the Woodlands and enjoyed a nice breakfast. Hailey was excited to get home and share her present with her daddy!

Later Sunday evening we walked over to my dad’s and spent the evening with all my siblings! This has only happened a hand full of times and this Sunday was one of them. My siblings and I are an odd bunch, we come from all different stories but of course at the end of the day we have the common denominator – Daddy-O! Sometimes being a grown up means putting away the past and learning how to cherish the present and we did just that.

I hope you had a great and awesome Father’s Day weekend, check out little bears pictures below and maybe you’ll be inspired to do something like this next year! As always check the ladies at 3twentysix and TheReinvention of Jessica to see how they were able to enjoy their weekend too! 

Now that's a real smile- because she caught a grasshopper on her sign!! 
Congrats to the beautiful couple! 
All the love right here! 

A Police Man, Dog Loving Groom! 
Family Selfie Time!!

 Perfectly Normal! 

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