Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wood Workin’ Wednesday | Established

I’ve been so caught up doing small crafting projects ever since I got a Silhouette Cameo, which in a simple way is a cutting machine, it can cut fabric, vinyl, paper and many things in between. I really went out on a limb to get this machine because I wanted to be able to customize my wood projects and somehow I’ve been making shirts and decals instead!

I finally refocused and went to work on a couple wood signs, one was for a giveaway at Momma of Dos’s Blogging 101 class, it was a “There is no place like Home” wooden sign Texas style!

There is no place like Home winner : Danielle from Hoover Works
The second one I really wanted to try out, is a “Last Name” sign, these are really popular for newlyweds and anniversaries to honor the family name and the date the marriage was established.  I SO wanted to make one, I just happened to have a friend at work that has a daughter getting married this weekend and I asked her if I could make her a sign (also known as – do you mind being my genie pig?) Over the weekend I put the final touches on it and I loved the way it turned out!

 Okay so here is my nerd corner: It was made from pallet wood so it has old nail holes in it, I love the wood-grain on this one and the knots in the grain. I sanded the wood down smooth to a 220 grit and softened the corners and edges – over kill? Maybe, but I’d do it again –actually I cut and sanded a ton of wood this weekend and I always do the same thing. I love using old wood and I probably take too much time matching up pieces together making sure each sign gets something unique.

I liked the challenge of the layers involved in making these even though there were many frustrating moments and times when I wanted to throw my machine out the window. In the background my husband is calling out to me “It’s okay babe, that’s how you learn!” of course I’m not sure he knows I hear him in a George Lopez voice and it just cracks me up! So I finally finished and I’m super happy with the way they turned out! 

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