Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am Super Cool!

For the past few months I've felt very un-super cool at the gym (Hello? Everywhere else I rock!). Six months ago I started going to the gym and let me tell you I normally don't like the gym very much but as life has it I am getting older and my health is feeling it. So I decided that as long as I was going to be a stay at home mom I should and could do something good. So began my journey, I started going working on this machine or that one and little by little started feeling like - ok I got this. Little did I know that I in fact did not have it at all! Soon I realized that the real craze of the gym lied behind the glass walls that held the "classes". I'd stand there and watch these women follow the instructor and move in unison and shake their bootay, and I was like I wanna do that! Especially the Zumba class!! "That’s totally me" I thought, I can do that. Uh, no I could not.
Turns out that I was very very out of shape, and I'm very uncoordinated. Funny at da club, waaayyy back in the day after a couple I could totally do that? Couldn't I? Let’s not go back there.

In these classes there are rows and in these rows there are women and they are there by rank (as it turns out) the front row, the kick butt best of the best. In the back row, me. Suddenly I had a very nostalgic feeling of being in middle school again and I wasn't cool. Nope not even close the cool ladies, they can move, I mean they can really move (they can drop it low and spin it around and no one has to help them back up??) and they do so effortlessly. They are also a size 5 or smaller, so trust me when I tell you I was way off.

Thankfully I’ve improved, no more back row for me. (See ya! Didn’t wanna be ya!) Except for the truth that I was there before so I know what it feels like. At first I’ll be honest I looked on at the front row and wished I was one of them, not too much of a bad thing only because it’s made me try harder and to push my self more and more (Yay! 30lbs gone!). Then I began to realize what it really was, the front row gals (and a few others hand picked) stand around before class chatting away, laughing and what not and most of the rest of the class stands around quietly smiling politely….hum. I noticed that there were ladies that sort of wanted to talk to someone. A few weeks ago I simply started talking to them, I’d smile at them, meet their children and chat whenever I got the chance…turns out alot of gals where looking for someone to talk to.

Today I realized that I’m much better at being myself. I was running late today and this is a major no-no if you want to make it to a class. All kinds of things happen when you’re late, first the nursery can fill up, second class starts without you or third and worst of all the class fills up… wah wah wah. So there I was singing to my self “Go speed racer Go!” I checked in Hailey and as I came up to the glass wall realized that it was almost full! Dreadful. There was a space right in front of the instructor, and no one wants that spot, especially if you don’t want to be called out in front of everyone for not being able to keep up!! Then a little ray of sunshine called me over and pointed to a space next to her. I grabbed my mat and bee lined over there. She was like- “we’ll make room for you!”. A few minuets later another friend came in and asked if she could squeeze in and then we stood around chatting and laughing. After two torturous classes I figured that we are not so bad for third-rowers :)

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  1. So sweet. I know you rock...and are super cool no matter where you go or what you do!!! ;) Love you. :D BTW..When you were in Middle School..I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE AWESOME! :) Just sayin'...