Sunday, July 24, 2011

A little bit about me on the road...

We are on our second road trip in less than a week, literally the suitcase was still sitting in the foyer waiting for me to drag it in the closet. I wasn’t feelin’ this trip when my hubbs first brought it up, now just sitting here relaxing here as the passenger seat driver, I’m feelin’ this trip very much. I just happen to love road trips, so many memories flood back to me every time. My road trip and mini vacation to Austin last week (Austin will always be one of my favorite road trips), my trip some 15 years ago to Denver, my trip to Angel Fire New Mexico (good times ladies good times!), Destin Florida, and of course my absolute favorite of all time Maui Hawaii (haha no I didn’t drive there duh! But my hubby and I spent 8 hours one the road there exploring)!!

Sometimes the terrain is flat and boring and sometimes it’s curvy and winding, either way I’m in love! I love exploring with my eyes what lies beyond the paved road. I’m one of those sappy fools who sits there wondering who lives in the dilapidated house, and if they haven’t lived there for years what was it like when they did? What did the house look like 20-30 years ago? What did they possibly do way out here for fun? Even more so who lives one that massive 20 acre ranch? And what do they do way out here?

I still get excited like a little kid every time we pass a bridge with a sign creek or river! I’m sitting up and trying my best to look over the side ooooooh water! The 360 bridge in Austin or the swamps in Louisiana, the trip to Destin lovely with the coast along side! Yup any way you look at it me likie the road…

The original plan was to fly here, in a plane from the company my hubbs works for, because that’s why we’re here – he is working – blah. In the end we decided to drive it and now here we are cursing in the big blue instead. Yes the plane would have been uber-cool especially for the kids but I secretly love the road trip. This trip was very unplanned and if you know me, you know that I like to plan. I hate not having a clue of where we are going and what we are going to do when we get there…at some point this morning I threw caution to the wind packed light and said we’ll figure it out when we get there! Wish us luck after all if all else fails we have the River Walk to go check out… again!

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