Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Neighborly Love…

When we bought our house, we inevitably fell in house love. I knew we loved this house when we saw it on paper I remember clearly the day I was reviewing the floor plans for this subdivision, Jose and I sat on the bed in my bedroom and we studied the folder the sales lady had given us, that night I saw this floor plan and knew that this was a house we could love.

Just a few weeks after we moved here on Mothers Day 2008, Hubby and my brother were running around on the scooters with my son. The moms were chit-chatting in the front yard and for some crazy reason I was taking a nap (probably resting from have to much moms for the day). Suddenly my mom flew into my room yelling about guns outside. By the time I got outside the police were there and whatever had triggered our neighbors to pull out their guns was over and guns put away. (yes, two different neighbors had pulled out their guns on each other!). At that point I thought what did we move into?

Tonight as I settle down to write this blog, some three years later, I can say that we are very blessed to be here in so many more ways than one. Tonight we had dinner with our neighbors from a few houses down, there we sat around on the floor or on the couch with our feet up feeling like old friends, we ate, we laughed and we shared some drinks. Our children ran amuck all over and I couldn’t help but feeling like this is our cul-de-sac. The place where pretty much each of the familes that live on this small block know one another and a good bunch of us have shared dinner together or hung out with each other, becoming more than just a neighbor, but a friend.

In fact my neighbor (Robert, one of the gun slingers) has become my pal, being that we both are always watering our grass and trying to figure out one thing or another about our yard. He has a yard that puts mind to shame daily but he humors me making me feel like they are of the same greatness, sadly the only part of my yard that looks as good as his and is a small patch about six feet long and one foot wide that runs right along side of his. Funny thing, but now more than ever I feel safer living next to him and his arsenal.

On the other side of our house we have Karissa and Dave-o, and can I say we hit the jackpot with them! Ha! They have become very good friends of ours, I don’t think I can put into words how much our friendship has grown. Dave-o is always there when we need him (and we are here if he needs us too but he never seams to!), put up the fence when that freaky mini-tornado tore it up- no problem! When we installed the attic door, easy-peasy for him, when we need a cold beer- he always has them, and better than anything else when we need a good laugh Dave-o never fails! Karissa and I have become great friends and she and Hailey good gal pals! She even speaks Hailey, and that’s not always easy. She endlessly is there to talk or hang out or better yet goooooo shopping!! Neither of us can wait till we are back at work so we can do more of the later.

Amy and Anna live a few houses down and they have a little munchkin named Andy that is only two weeks younger than Hailey. Since the girls were born we have literally spent many a days sitting on the living room floors of our homes hanging out watching the girls play. Tonight they asked us and another family from our block to join them for dinner so that we could welcome Amy’s mom into town. As we left their house and I hugged her mom, I suddenly felt uber-lucky to be a part of there lives and super blessed to be here on this little cul-de-sac.

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