Monday, August 1, 2011

One of my many hats...

All of us, men included (I suppose), have many hats; we as women are daughters, wives, mothers, chefs, homemakers, business owners or worker bees (or both!), we are sometimes doctors or nurses, some of us are seamstresses (not me but I know some very talented gals). We have many hats and most times wear some of those hats simultaneously. As of late I have found my self wearing my hats and flexing my hat wearing muscles. This past weekend I found myself being stretched as a wife and finding it quite uncomfortable wearing my wife hat (this by the way is one we don’t take off ).

My husband is a mechanic at heart, he was one of those kids who always wanted to know how things worked if they broke there had to be a way to fix it. He has always been in awe of this and never gives up at accepting that something may not have a fixable way. I love him for this and because of the fact that when we came home from our trip to Austin and our AC wasn’t working he (and my brother) were able to fix it within the hour! Yay! Nothing is too small or too big for him to want to figure out, thus why he works on airplanes. When he was younger and his mother had established that he would in fact go to college, she asked him what he wanted to do, when he said he wanted to be an airplane engineer, she couldn’t believe that so much invested and he didn’t want a job where he could be in air-conditioning all day behind a desk. Truth be told he goes stir crazy behind a desk. His favorite stories when he comes home from work are normally about a problem that couldn’t be solved in an airplane and he has had to sit upside down for a few hours until he successfully fixed the problem at hand. He sends my pictures of spaghetti wires that he has to unravel and figure out for the day. Strange strange hubby of mine…

Not to long ago he brought up the subject of doing something else, he wants to try working on cars instead…eek! That wife hat got a little snug. But but but…you have a good career (not just a job!).

Don’t worry y’all he knows cars as well as he knows airplanes. Cars were always his first love when he choose to work on airplane he did so because he wanted to try something different.

In the end after much thought I realized something – I am his wife and he husband. I thought about how many times his husband hat might get a little snug, it might even poke at him sometimes because I am a difficult lady to live with (hello major understatement!!). I realized that many times that I’ve expressed to him my dreams and visions of things I may someday do, he has never expressed to me that they may be un-attainable. He has encouraged me every time and has told me several times to go for it. So casting my worries aside I encouraged him to do it to – go for it! If he dreams of owning his own shop someday where he can daily do something he loves to do, then he should. I think we each should. I feel that there is something that each of us has a passion for and we should at some point in our lives feel completely free to dive in and give it a try. As his wife I’m his biggest cheerleader and encourager and we will deal with the changes as long as God slowly leads the way. I know it might be hard at times and it will make my hat feel a little snug but this is what I signed up for I knew the man I married was this mechanic at heart and I know that nothing makes him happier than spending the day in the garage doing one thing or another so- I’ll wear my hat proudly and do my best to not let it get uncomfortable from time to time.

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