Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Invisible Maracas!

One of my favorite things right now is the zumba classes at the gym, they are such an outlet for me because I love to dance and this now combines my love of something with the idea of working-out and makes working-out super fun. Last week we were in the middle of moving our hips to some Salsa music when I noticed one of my gal pals really getting into the rhythm of the music, gone was the instruction of pumping your arms this way and that way. She turned around and looked at me and said we might as well have fun while doing this! Damn right!

If you are a Salsa dancer and you don’t have to be a good one, you know that when you are really into it, your shoulders are rolling to the beat and your arms are keeping you in step. If I could post you a video breaking it down for you I would – too bad I’m not that blog savvy!!!!

Today I was totally following her lead and when Salsa time came around I was like WOO-HOO!! Suddenly I caught my self in the mirror and almost fell out laughing! I was dancing like my -MOMMA! I was taken back some 20 years ago (or more gulp…double gulp!) and we were in one of my moms friends house, the furniture pushed against the walls, floor cleared and music blasting. There in the middle of the floor kickin’ it ole’ school is my momma and her invisible maracas!! Back in the day that’s what I would think when I saw her dance, I must have been 9 or 10 (yes more than 20 yrs ago!) maybe even younger. All the kids would be playing chase running around like crazy or in a room watching T.V. before real dancing even occurred to us. I would be getting something to eat or goofy dancing with the grown-ups and I’d see my mom tearing up the floor, I’d think what the heck is she doing?! It looks like she has invisible maracas in her hands and she is shaking them to the music! I thought she looked silly, the same way I did today! In my defense, isn’t everything retro cool now and days? Therefore so am I!

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