Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello everyone its fall time and we went out this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather and have some fun. During this time I thought about what I wanted to write to you about and her name is Amina. Have you met Amina? I know some of you have but if you haven’t let me introduce you…

Isn’t she a cutie-patootie?

Amina and Hailey have been destin to be best friends before they were born. I still remember visiting her momma while she was preggers and confessing to her that I was preggers also and then the happiness that overflowed was greatness! Knowing that Hailey would have a friend cut from the same cloth as her momma was golden to me. Funny thing is that from the get go these two have been ying and yang different from each other. Can you tell?
I hope and pray that they maintain their freindship because they are so darn cute together.

I love to see them running around my house and can just imagine what sleepovers are going to be like? We like to talk about what the future might hold for these two trouble makers…

What ever that future might be I can wait, I love to relish on days like this and I know beyond anything else how lucky we are to have Amina in our lives. We love you, Amina!

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