Monday, May 6, 2013

Turning the Corner

This week turned out to be a pretty awesome week as far as my runs went (and everything else!) I ran an interval run on Monday, which means that I walk, run and sprint. This is my way of increasing my speed on my runs, I started doing this in March and it has worked for me.  On Wednesday I did the Chelsey 5K and on Saturday I did my first long run, I call it my long run because it's the day I run the tiniest bit longer than any other day – HA! Actually  for the past month my goal has been to increase my distance little by little and I have, running 3.65 miles or 3.5 miles but just pushing my time all so that I could run 4 miles.  Saturdays will always be the day I practice my longer runs, it’s the only day my husband watches Hailey so that I can go for my run. This is the day that I don’t feel pressure about the amount of time I take, I don’t have to worry about Hailey at the daycare or about getting home to make dinner. It’s by far my favorite run day. Someday I will run 6 plus miles on this day but for now I have been training myself to run 4 miles. I even did a Google Earth map of what my four mile run would look like.  By the way did you know how awesome Google Maps is?  I got a better feel as to where the spaghetti streets in my neighborhood go and an idea of how to stretch my runs to increase my miles over time. So all along I knew that I had to make the turn in order to start my 4 miles, this turn is the one, the one that’s takes me go in a completely opposite direction of my regular route. The one that once at the end of it I would have to complete 4 miles to get back home!  

Friday I was checking out Facebook and my friend Cindy posted that she had just finish her 4 miles! That’s when it happened, the switch was flipped and my mind was made up -The next morning was going to be it for me no matter what.  This is why having friends join me on this adventure has been priceless, they help me push through when my running has sucked or when I’m feeling grumpy or lazy about running. Believe me I have a hard time classifying myself as a “runner” there are days that I don’t “feel” like running and I used to think that real runners always felt like running or they always have good runs. The past few months I have learned that it’s not true, real runners sometimes had bad runs, plain and simple. Cindy has been such an awesome cheerleader for me since way back in January when I first posted that I was preparing myself for a 5K (Color Me Rad) she joined us and started running too. We don’t run together literally but we sort-of do I always know when she is running via Facebook and she knows I’m running via my blog and this way we “Like” and post words of encouragement along the way.  Very cool stuff!

Saturday morning rolled around and off I went, I kept telling myself today I am making that little turn and taking this running thing in to the next level and I did. AND it felt great! Next time I run a 5K, I will know that I can not only do that but I can do more than that – this coming for a chubby gal who couldn’t run for a minute some 4 months ago?! You got that right!

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