Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aramco - Florida??? Here I come!!

You are probably wondering what the heck is going on! Why I haven’t update this thing, after everything that just happen yesterday?! Yes, well the answer is that I have vacation brain going on… I am packing, washing, cleaning, and then packing some more. I will end up taking half my closet and half my pantry with me and most of my bathroom stuff with me too. This is getting crazy!! Oh and I’m losing sleep because of it too, my brain in running on over drive thinking about what I’m missing and what I might forget. SO! With that said I have to tell you the big news :
it's official!
6 months ago I did not think it was possible to run for a mile straight and even though it hasn’t been easy, with every mile added it’s always a new experience. The idea to put the goal out there to run a Half Marathon was inspired by simply running 3 miles! Crazy but that feeling of accomplishment and conquering a goal that you first believed to be unattainable makes you feel undefeatable! You really do feel like you’re awesome and I felt like I had done the impossible AND at that moment I felt like if I could run 3 miles then I MUST be able to run 13 miles. I mean it’s sorta the same thing right? Give or take ten miles!!  So, the girls and I decided that we should do the Aramco Half Marathon, that is until we realized that we couldn’t just sign up and be done with it. We needed to qualify. None of us had the required races done to qualify – plus at this point I do not have the miles or speed to qualify. We were left with entering the lottery, then started the thoughts of hoping I was picked along with being scared that I might get picked!!  Monday morning it was laid out for us very easily… all three of us (Cindy, Alma and I) were selected!!!  There were many emails and even a few squeals of excitement and lots of Facebook comments that confirmed what is waiting for us in January 2014 -  13.1 miles and lots of training in-between!

I am happier than ever that I can share this with you because let me tell you, whatever roller coaster I strapped myself into at the beginning of January is about to get wild and crazy. I am going into territory that I didn’t even know existed!! I promise I will fill you in with all the good and ugly details as they come about, in the meantime I’m heading to Florida in a couple of short days technically today is almost over and therefore there is only one more day before I leave!!   This trip is already showing to be a challenge because I (ALREADY!) know it’s gonna be hard to get my runs in and eating will very easily be off the charts. Wish me luck!!

This has kinda side tracked me a little but I do have a picture of my weigh-in form last Friday –

maybe one day my feet will look skinny?
Mr. Scale and I are on good terms once again – I out of the 170’s!!!!!! Can you see why I am scared of this trip?! I hope it does not set me back too much; it has taken so much work to get here to begin with! I am only two pounds from getting to my first goal of 30lbs, dang it so close I can almost touch it!! I might do another weigh-in on Thursday before we head out! Maybe.

I had another post already to go for you and then the lottery results came in and wrecked it! LOL I will hopefully throw in an extra post when I’m on the road :)

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