Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Possibilities are endless!

      I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to tell you the running has taught me A LOT! First and foremost running teaches you that you CAN do something you never thought possible. I’ve said this before and again that I was never a runner, I have clear memories of going to a beach and daydreaming of running on the beach early in the morning – very dreamy but I was never been able to do that or anything remotely close to that. This past week of running has been a learning week for sure, I am starting to get the idea that it will be this way for quite a while – the added perk I can apply these lessons to real life too...

     Tuesday – was one of the best running days I’ve had in long time! I did my interval runs with my hubby and it was a good run, pace was on faster than it’s been in a while and I felt great afterwards too! Before I went out for my run I realized that my socks were in the washer and it’s not like I have one pair, no this was the OMG I hate washing wash and it was a large load of whites were all of my white running socks were happily getting their bath time on– so I grabbed whatever socks I could find. BAD IDEA. About a mile in I could feel the rub on my ankle and by the time we stopped to fix the problem (AKA pull my sock up as far as I could) there was a little spot on my ankle that was bleeding OUCH. Either way we kept going and it turned out to be really awesome so – no pain no gain right? No biggy but now that little spot itches like crazy!!

     Thursday- was a group run day!! Woo-hoo I like these runs, no one really runs at my pace (because I’m not as fast) but it’s good to meet up with friends and just go! Someone watches the kids while one group heads out and as we get back the next batch goes out. Sometimes I run by self and sometimes my hubby will run with me either way you’re not alone. So far we have met up at Sugar Land Memorial and I really like that park, this week we decided to meet up at Oyster Creek Park and try it out. I’ve been there many times before but never for running reasons – Pictures – Playground – Soccer Games. I was so excited and then I.almost.died. If you have ever been to this park to run – you know what I’m about to tell you. It has a lot of ups and downs. LOTS. The first mile was good but I quickly learned that a nice downward slope was the enemy, it looked great “ohhh yes easy run” but you know what? You have to come back up that slope!! Mile two – I was like hold on let us stop just for a second… Mile three I’m calling out to my husband ‘WHY WHY WHY is this so hard???”  oh yea and “I’m done. I’m done no more!!” Thank goodness for my hubby who would call out to me “It’s just really freaking hot!!” okay that wasn’t encouraging… then he would say “Comon you got this!!” much better right? And “Come on you’re almost done!!” So I did and it was over.  I think I will try this park again :)

     Saturday (long run??) – Ok, I have been trying to push myself to run 5 miles. Last weekend I was able to go 4.8 miles but the last .8 was more of a walk/run. Saturday as I got ready to head out I realized that what I needed was exactly what I would advise someone else to do. I needed to slow down. Yes twice a week I am trying to get myself to fun faster, after those runs I am spent. Why would I think that pushing myself just as hard for two more miles would be easy? Back at the end of February I wanted to prove to myself that I could run three miles, I had the COLOR ME RAD coming at the end of March, so as a birthday gift to me I went to Memorial park and very slowly ran my first three miles. Afterwards the rest of the month I would just tell myself that I could run 3 miles so there was no excuse. I bettered my pace and grew stronger and I was CONFIDENT that whatever happened at the race I would run 3 miles because I had been there and done that.  Saturday I slowed way down, at one point to a pace I haven’t run in the past two months. BUT instead of trying to play catch up to my pace (and wearing myself out) I just started all over the next mile, and the next and the next and the next and the next. In the end 5 miles done. Now let me just make that five miles look better :)

     My goal is to run a 10K in October, that is 6.1 miles, I am closer to this goal and I feel confident that I will be able to rock those 6.1 miles by then… The real kicker?? Next Monday I will find out if I am picked out of the lottery for the Aramco Half-Marathon!! That will be hummmm… 13.1 miles!! Yes I know it’s crazy but if I get picked out of a lottery???? Well then I’m not the only ONE who thinks that it can be done ;)

     We are gearing up for our vacation in Florida and I am dreaming of the beach and change of scenery!!  As of today there is a 10 day count down eeeeeeek!!  So very very soon I will be here...

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