Friday, September 27, 2013

Time Much?!

I know I have slacked off here, but I am going to fill you in the last couple of weeks today. Running has been a little challenging – well not the running itself but the timing of it all. Has anyone else found it hard to go from summer lounging to full blast back to school back to crazy? It’s like my days are longer but my daylight is shorter! I get home make dinner, go pick up Chris from practice and get back home eat dinner and its dark outside. Wait I still have to run! The Dreadmill Treadmill and I have become friends, it’s my friend when it’s too dark out and I need a run, when my day is over and I’m not finished yet and surprisingly it has helped with my speed workouts and my time has gotten better. I have also ventured into the dark and run circles around my block – boring yet it’s an outside run. Even my beloved morning run is started later because Mr. Sun isn’t awake as early! Once I made it out to my tried and true tack behind the Pearland Town Center, it was an cloudy rainy day and I had extra time to knock it out, it felt soooooo good to run out there again - I cannot wait for cooler temps!  If I could just get my run done before I got home and crazy hit the fan then I might feel a little bit less time crunched.

I also did a “Run or Dye” 5k on the 14th – it was last minute and it was hot. I had fun though mostly before and after the race! Before the race I got to hang out with Hector as we waited and waited and waited to get started, we went out in the third wave and it was close to 9:30 by that time which equals to = HOT SUN. I normally wake up at 6am to get my Saturday run in just so I can be back home before Mr. Sun can make a full on appearance but at this Race Mr. Sun was out and shinning bright, the end of the course was just up and down a parking area for Reliant and I just felt like we were just out there in the heat… because of this my first mile felt good, my second felt great and my third felt like I was going to pass out! Oh well no PR for this race just felt good to do a 5k since the last race I did was back on July 4th :)

This past week has been interesting to say the least, I started going to a girls only “gym” called FIT 4 HER by my house. It’s a little like curves but with a few extras, like the TRX system they train you on and spinning bikes as well as stationary bikes. The best part about this is the trainers that work with you and walk you through each workout every time you go. I know I was just complaining about having time and now I’ve added this to my routine – the truth is that along with my training to do a half-marathon I know I should be doing strength training and cross training too. I find it so hard to do this at home, I start off strong and fade out of it quickly, so this is what I am trying out. I have to be creative with my dinner prepping for quick dinners and it's right outside my subdivision less than 5 min away, if I’m lucky I can get my workout done and get Hailey – still making it home before 6pm. SO! I am giving it a shot – so far it was great and I was in pain like I have not felt in a long time! My legs and abs were sore and are barely recovering today :) So here is a couple of pictures of yours truly!

Tomorrow I have a 5k on the books followed by a 10K on October 6th! So I have to get ready – no matter what - January 19th will be here before I know it! In other words - the race is on!

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