Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dancing on Roof Tops

The following blog was written about a week ago on our Spring Break trip to Mexico...

These past few days have been very relaxing and hard all at the same time. I've been with no internet (gasp the horror!!) and no phone (double gasp) for about 7 days and to top it off I've been with out my usual running trails to accompany me.

We made the trip a few hundred miles away via two airplane rides, many winding roads to a very small town in Mexico (Tototlan, Jalisco)  for a wedding. My brother in laws wedding, in his fathers home town where he met the love of his life. After a year of planing via emails and phone conversations and an airplane ride or two, finally the big day is fast approaching. My husband could not imagine missing such a huge event in his brothers life therefore we have packed up and headed out, you should see us, we are quite the spectacle here :) my two kids with their light skin and light colored hair - Chris with his football player build looks larger than life and Hailey with her golden curls and her chatterbox habits speaking in English and people looking at us like we are half crazy. No biggie, I couldn't be happier. My son, is snapping pictures like a mad man and my little bear is free as a bird! Here there are no car seats and the temps are perfect for windows wide open and for dancing on roof tops.

We took a few days and made a four hour trip to the beach and we were all in heaven, here we had access to the internet a little bit more, I liked the idea of being disconnected, so after checking Facebook and emails I disconnected again returned to my book reading and lounging in the sun, sorry guys :)  My kids and my husband and I,  we have become our own little world taking long walks down the plasita eating tacos, pan dulce (sweet bread) and churros. We hold hands, spend the evening talking and laughing before curling up on a way too small bed to watch Frozen for the umpteenth  time, what can be better than this? When we get back we will all snap back into the normality of my husband getting phone calls about work through the evenings, my son being attached to his phone and my daughter watching TV, while I check Facebook once again. Boo.

No, that does not quite sum up what we do normally, but it has become a big part of what we do and to be a little honest with my self, I don't miss it very much right now. I like this break we are taking, it feels good to disconnect.

I've caught a couple of runs, including a really nice one along the beach, but today on my "running day" I've thrown in the towel of sorts, I'll be back at it once I get back home. I like the idea of no worries right now, so I don't have it in me to try to figure out where I might be able to run, and who has to drive me there or not. My trails will be there when I get back home and my running legs will be ready and waiting. For now I think I hear food calling my name and another long walk to the plasita.
Bakery in Tototlan, 50 years of baking yummy wonderful bread for this town!!

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