Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Picnic Table- The craftier side of me :)

Last year I got the crazy idea that I wanted to expand our outdoor living space. Our house was built with a small patio in the back yard and that was great and all until our regular crew of people started filling it up and spilling into the yard. There we would be all huddled up as much as we could in this small space grubbing on wings and bbq! I know! Just imagine that dreadful sanario! LOL

So as luck would have it my wheels started spinning and my husband started grumbling… and I came up with the idea that we needed to extend our patio and make a larger space!! So we did. The work was mostly completed by my husband, my son and my brother – although I am very handy with power-tools and I was always ready to pick up slack when needed – the guys wanted yummy food when they were hard at work and I was always cooking up something to entice them to keep going!

By July 15th we had finished our project and soon celebrated with a birthday party for my hubby  :)

Since then we have enjoyed our backyard more and more especially now that the winds of the seasons are changing and warming us up more and more. If and when we have a chance to relax outdoors we take it!

Table comes in box with all the pieces pre-cut and hardware included 
Recently my wheels started turning again, my husband started grumbling…hehehe :) and I figured out I needed a table to go in our new patio.  I also knew that we don’t have $$ to buy a nice fancy outdoor table. So after a little research I figured we could buy a wooden picnic table that would fit comfortably in our space. My hubby was not so happy with my new idea, especially not with the DIY involved.  My plan: Buy the table un-assembled , this way we could sand down the rough edges and splinters (we have tons of little girls playing in our yard all the time!)  and then we could stain it so it would look pretty and put it together - TADA! Easy! 

When Jose seemed not so excited with my master plan and we ate our lunch balanced on our knees or make shift tables (dreadful I know)! I did what any wonderful wife would do!! I took my husband table shopping where out door table would cost us some $500.00 bucks or more :) Suddenly my idea grew on my hubby and we went to work!!

What you will need:

  • Wooden Picnic Table from Home Depot or Lowes ($99.00)
  • Outdoor wood stain/paint ($35.00)
  •  *Electric Sander and Sandpaper 180 grit (lots!)
  •  *Paint brush and roller
  •  *Drill
  •  *Screwdriver (per instructions for table)
*we had these supplies at home already

Being that this is not an expensive table and based on the reviews for the table I knew it would be rough and sanding was going to be a must for us. So we sanded all the pieces that we would come into contact with on a daily bases real good making sure no one would get splinters or snags. Thankfully it was a pretty day with a nice breeze and sunny, when we got to painting the drying time was quick and easy.  Again we did our best painting on all the areas that would been used the most (two coats on these) and a quick paint job on the underneath parts.

Assembly was fairly easy, I had that sometime the pre-drilled holes might not match up or align so we had the drill ready and ended up having to re-drill a few holes as we assembled the table.

Our little project took us two days but it turned out really nice! Given that it will be under a covered patio I am crossing my fingers that it’ll last for quite some time, we ate dinner outside last night per my little girl’s request! I foresee lots of dinners outdoors, as well as picnic lunches! 


  1. You are one crafty lady! My hubby is not a fan of the hubby DIY projects. Lol!

  2. I love that table!! I have been dying for one just like that

  3. Your table came out great! Great job getting your husband to see things your way ..lol! I had my husband drill a hole in the middle of our picnic table for an umbrella because ours sits out in the middle of the yard. Just an idea ...wink, wink!

  4. Wow. I'm not sure that I would even try to attempt building a picnic table! Yours came out great!