Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Beginnings - Part One

This is what happens when I don’t post in a really really really long time – you get a two part post! HA!

This is what a silly little Pre-K Grad looks like!

So much going on lately my mind has been in over drive and my emotions have been scattered but like many say “there is a clam after the storm” My “storm” isn’t over but this is a good storm, this is a- I could sit outside on my porch on hot summer day and watch the clouds roll in, feel the breeze pick up and wait for rain to start as the sky lights up with that deep in the clouds lightning show kinda storm.

I have a 5yr old little girl finally moving on from daycare to elementary school to start kindergarten, just in time to have my 18yr old boy graduate from high school. Can you say double gulp? Can you say emotional?

If you know me personally you might have guessed by now that I do not very often show my emotions outwardly believe it or not I can very much be an introvert in many many ways – this gets confused with being tough all.the.time which might also hold some truth to it except when my babies are concerned.

Whether you like the little ones having an all-out “Graduation” or not, the simple truth is that all I care about is that she is excited (right now) about going to her big girl school. The ceremony was cute and the memories are awesome. The kids in Hailey’s class have for the most part been with her since she was 1 ½ and they are so close and adorable together. They have been in the same daycare, in the same classrooms, down the same hall of this little building for 4 years. In August she will be going to an elementary school that swallows up her little daycare in one gulp.  

My whole world right here... 
Hailey Bear has come a long way… in August of 2011 I enrolled Hailey Bear into Kids R Kids and I swear for a whole month she cried I got to the point where I told my husband that I was going to quit my new job I couldn’t handle it. Every day I picked up Hailey, as soon as she saw me she burst into tears, not a "I’m so happy to see you tears", no, they were little miserable tears and pudgy hands reaching up to me – her  little tiny self, burying she face into my chest day after day.  The following week I told myself if it didn’t change I would quit (and I really would have) and then somehow one day that week I came to pick her up and she smiled. A little "Hi I was getting worried there for a second kinda smile" BUT it was a smile. To this day I pick up my little bear and she squeals Mommy! And runs full speed at me and I catch her in my arms. Yes this happens All I can think about is how one day she will ask me not to hug her or kiss her in front of her friends - my heart will ache. 

Class of 2015
This Saturday Chris will walk across a stage I’ve never seen myself. A stage that has been part of a goal for years… oh about 18 years to be on point. I am overwhelmingly proud of him, if you know my Christian you know he is a good kid, he has a good heart, he loves deeply and has matured in this ah-inspiring way that draws people to him to find comfort and acceptance.  He is not just a good kid, he is an amazing kid, and he is my kid.  
Can you hear the thunder? 

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