Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello Sunrise

Have you ever noticed my obsession with the sunrise pictures
 I take when I run in the mornings?

Morning run in Dallas

Taken during my morning runs at work.
Maybe because I don’t post allllll of them.

The sunrise is just such a beautiful thing to me, I guess it represents a new start, a fresh beautiful new beginning.

Coming from me – a runner and battling the weight loss thing, new beginnings are important to me. After a whole week of not stepping foot in the gym or not being able to go for one run and being emotionally and mentally exhausted at the end of the day a sunrise is promising to me.

This one reminds me of cotton candy which reminds me of my little bear... 

The morning of my friends breast cancer benefit - I love the hues of pink that filled the sky.

When I  go out early enough the neighborhood "lakes" are still. 

I know that at the next sunrise I will have to chance to lace up and get out there again.

I know that at the next sunrise everything is just new again and I am back on track again. 

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