Monday, September 14, 2015

Do something you love

Do something you love Y

This past couple of weeks I’ve experienced this very topic in the simplest ways. On the 5th I joined my co-worker and friend Beverly, by running the BEENezy 5K. For the past few months I’ve seen Beverly be determined and fierce in her mission to lose weight and be healthy, she has lost almost 30 lbs and started walking/running. This was a great experience Just like it has been in so many past 5K’s but it really reminded me how much I love the simple things about running a 5K, not just running in my neighborhood but signing up for a fun run 5K!

The friendships you build – Beverly has always been my friend but of course running gives us more to talk about through our days and the experience is something we will always share . The butterflies in your tummy prior to the start line – I love the start line sometimes more than the finish line because once you cross over you leave everything behind and you depend on the training you’ve done to get to that point, it’s exhilarating! The other runners no matter your size or ability – Once you get near the end they are your friends and you can laugh at the struggle and you get to encourage each other to the finish. The moment when you’ve pushed past something you thought you couldn’t do, like run a whole mile without dying or finishing before you thought you would! In our run Beverly questioned how long we had been running and I instantly knew she was going to beat her regular time. All these things reminded me why I love running so much. It changes you and it changes your outlook on your ability to push yourself!

Friday I went back to MixFitz Studios for a #SweatParty and for what we used as a girls night out. I had so much fun but even better I was surrounded by women that love what they do! Their ability (lol my ability) to dance didn’t really matter, their size didn’t matter, all that mattered was to let loose and have a good time! At the end of the night I was exhausted and drenched in sweat, I spoke to Crystal for a few moments and we realized that our love for this crazy thing we do was very similar in many ways.
By the end of the night I was laughing and dancing with these women who are just having a good time and they are pushing you to keep going and let go! I was able to try stuff I would probably have tried- even with a few drink stirred up in me but you’re around other ladies doing the same thing who don’t care what you look like and anything goes!

Talking about some who does what he loves, my boss, ultra-runner, crazy runner aka Jim Abney and his son Dustin finished their 24 hour run to bring awareness to Childhood Cancer Saturday morning. Over the course of 24 hours other crazy runners joined them in the rain and overnight to help keep them going! In one of the purest ways Jim continues to show his love for running but even more so his love for children battling cancer by enduring the pains of long distance running because in the end his pain does not compare to the pain and suffering children go through when fighting cancer. Every time he laces up his goal is to honor these children and in the process he encourages others to do the same.

I am doing something I love Y, I’ve been inspired by other people that also do something they love Y and my hope is that you are encouraged and inspired to do something that you will fall in love Y with too.

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