Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Forward + Gloom

It has been quite gloomy around the Houston area lately… when is the last time we had sunshine? Did I see some on Saturday? I don’t think I did... maybe Friday a little bit. I guess the rain for days around here is not that unlikely. Remember this is South Texas we catch the rain from the north one week and then catch it from the south the next week – that’s how we roll :)

My guess is that the loom and gloom has been magnified because of the time change! The whole SPRING FORWARD! Of it all without the “Spring time Spring”. I worked on my yard a garden this weekend in between the chances for rain. Much of my mission was accomplished only to be rained out, literally. My husband – the morning person out of our little family- has been dragging this week big time.

I love Daylight savings time – even though it takes away an hour. It promises me that Mr. Sun will be around when I get home in the evenings. Our house faces the sunset and for a certain time during the year we sit down and have dinner while the sun sets…ahhhhh my favorite time of year! Minus these past couple of days, I am all like “Hello I gave you my sacrificial hour!! Where is my Mr. Sun!!!!!!?”

I have been a little MIA lately – a combination of small issues that will sort themselves out soon enough.  Last week I dealt with my first ever root canal :( I was in pain and running or working out was not helping the pain. My running shoes quit on me – nothing new so I ordered a new pair from Amazon like I normally do – they never made it to my house! They claim they got lost twice! I had to get a refund and have now ordered them once again. A few other little things here and there and before you know it craziness has run away with my time!

Next week will be Spring Break for us, so I am hoping to write to you from the hills in Austin, TX soon enough! My runs from there are normally awesome :)

As far as the SPRING and the GLOOM – I ask you to give it one more day and maybe a few more cups of coffee and I am crossing my fingers for sunshine tomorrow! Maybe when it’s evening time and Mr. Sun is shining down on you the time change won’t feel so crappy. Hang in there my friends! 

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