Saturday, January 23, 2016

And then there's this

Over the past few months I haven’t been able to write like I really love to. Mostly because I wasn’t sure about much of anything at the time. My brain was on over load with so much more than just running. None of it seemed to fit here in my blog. 

We gave my guest bathroom a makeover DYI style, planned our big family vacation and we knitted ourselves closer to family while facing health issues. Even though I was in training mode with running my mind was focusing on so many other great and wonderful things.

For the first time in a long time now I am looking forward to writing and I hope this leads to something new, something better and something different. So I’m changing my blog a little, I hope you don’t mind :)

I've always known and in the past few months it’s only been reaffirmed to me in so many ways that I’ve always run my life in faith, not only when I started physically running. No, my life of running in faith began many years ago, when I became a mom at a very young age living a very unstable life. I reached out in faith for something more and ended up being blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Some days were hard, others might have been harder but in those days leaning on faith got me from point A to point B.
So hang in there with me if you don’t mind and we’ll explore this life together. I promise to blog about all the good stuff and I’ll continue to exercise and run but I’ll also write to you about all the other things I haven’t shared with you in the past like – family, friends, fashion, travels, DIY’s and life in general. 

These days I find myself running in faith, with little bit of coffee and a whole lotta love.