Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chocolaty S'mores Rice Krispy Treats

So there is a first time for everything, so today I bring you a quick yummy recipe! 

This weekend I enjoyed not having to wake up before Mr. Sun, instead when I finally crawled out of bed, I turned around and crawled into my couch and watched some Food Network with my little bear.

Just an episode into Pioneer Woman, Hailey looked up at me with wide eyes and said 

“Can we make rice crispy treats? I can help you!”

So sure enough, we got to work and taking cue from Ree we came up with a S’more Rice Krispy Treat, adapted from The Pioneer Woman’s Nutella Krispie Treats.
Super Yummy and Chocolaty!! 

The stuff
The Little Bear's Action Shot!
TADA!! Mission Accomplished!! 


  1. Love it!! Seems easy enough for me to try! Thanks for the great printable recipe card!!

  2. I can't cook or bake for nada but I'm thinking this could be easy for me! Or I'll have my husband make some haha! Thanks for the share!

  3. Thanks Ladies, let me tell you these were easy (too easy!!) I may have, maybe possibly, made two batches! LOL!