Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Houston Auto Show Game Changer

Both just so happen to look good one me ;)
Funny how something so small can make you realize that life is very very different from what you imagined it would be right about now. For the past few years I’ve felt with every inch of my being that I am simply right where God wants me to be. I haven’t questioned it (much) I just go with the flow and time after time I’ve felt the confirmation of the “this” is why I’m here.

This weekend I went to the Houston Auto Show, I’ve been going year after year with the hubs. We happen to like jumping in and out of cars, trucks and SUV’s. We dream of our future vehicles and we actually plan out the idea of what our next vehicle might be. We’ve gone with the kids and we have them get in and out of something we have on our radar to make sure it works with our lifestyle.

This year we headed out again (minus the kids) and about five minutes into the show a crazy reality started to sink in. My direction has changed. All this time sitting here thinking I was headed in one way and God has started to set the stage for something else.

Twin Panel Moonroof - I love it! I need it!
I used to think that my next vehicle was going to be a convertible, my bream convertible BMW M4 realistically BMW 2Series. I was ready to take on a used one if only that meant getting my most coveted convertible.

Now about 5 minutes into the Auto Show, I sat in a shiny new Ford 150 4X4 King Ranch. I knew then what I know to be true now. I am in love and I will be holding on to my current Ford 150 Lariat until the day comes when I can make that trade.

Turns out the more spinning my brain does, the less a fancy convertible fits in my life. Maybe one day it will fit or maybe I’ll forever be a move it, haul it, and pick it up truck kinda girl. It also turns out that I’m okay with that.

I’m not sure what’s coming but apparently I need something to be able to carry it around with. :) 

...and this would not do the trick, so I had to scratch it off my wish list! 

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