Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Weekend Snapshots 3 | Turning 37

Another great Weekend Snapshot! Ah! You would think that being 37 years old would keep a woman from being such a brat for her birthday, right? Wrong. I am the biggest brat when I comes to my birthday, and I am not really sure why that is! Yes I can give you the – duh! Because it’s me and I am amazing response but really I am just like you and yes I do think we are amazing.

When my husband and I started dating he told me he had never really celebrated his birthday in a big way, ahem. If you know us personally you may already be smiling a little. My husband’s birthday is a big deal around our house, as is my sons and my daughters. On birthdays we go big. Not to be dramatic but we just do, we always have, even as a single mom I would make sure Chris knew his birthday was a big deal. For his 19th birthday when I was sure he would do his own thing, with his own friends, Chris was like, “So what are WE doing for my birthday?” That’s my boy!

Here are a few things we did for my birthday and I might have a few things up my sleeve that I’ll have to fill you in later with.

First of all we went on day trip to Waco, TX because --> Fixer Upper --> The Gaines Family -->The Silos--> Magnolia Market --> enough said.

I will post more and some tips about our trip this week. Chip and Joanna have lots happening over in Waco and they are not finished yet!

After church on Sunday, my husband and I said we would not do anything time consuming because we spent the whole day out and about the day before. We still had laundry to do and the “getting ready for the work week” stuff we scramble around doing last minute. So nothing crazy just grab a bite to eat and head back home.

A trip to Galveston and a visit to the Pleasure Pier, some yummy grub and tons of rides later we went back home. HA! C’est la vie! I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world :)

37 and loving life! What can I say? I am blessed beyond measure! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me! 

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The Silos

Long line @ Magnolia Market

Group Selfie! 

Perfect day and hanging out on the lawn!

Bubba Gumps, Galveston, TX 

Little bear and Momma Bear ready to ride! 

Sun shine and sea breeze! 

New Heights! Little bear is finally tall enough to ride the rides and she made me get on this ride with her!! I was scared... Hailey stated she was born to ride this ride. Oh boy! I hope she does not hit another growth spurt soon, I don't think I'm ready for it!! 


  1. Fantastical weekend! I'm not big on celebrating my birthday and I'm not sure why but I'd LOVE to go all out this year LOL! I've never been to the Magnolia Market! Tell me more!!!!

  2. Oooh magnolia market seems fun!! <3 also emm HAPPY BDAY LOL

  3. Happy Birthday! I totally agree that birthdays should be done up big!! It sounds like your weekend was amazing. I've been to the Pleasure Pier once back when I was pregnant and I think my son is finally old enough to appreciate it. And given a choice between laundry/chores and the Pleasure Pier/Galveston, Galveston wins every time, lol. Thanks for linking up!