Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Albarrán: Jewelers Reunion

A few months back I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kayleen McCabe from the DIY network’s show Rescue Renovation, it was the first time I ever formally interviewed anyone and as it turned out it was best conversation I could have had. Talking to her about her life and passion, learning about her past and what her goals are, I began to see parallels between her life and mine. I realize I do not have my own DIY show and I am by far not a contractor or public speaker, all of that a side she brought me to a moment of clarity.

She spoke about the trades in construction and how her family raised her around construction her whole life, although she was encouraged to go to college and pursue higher education. She quickly realized that what she really wanted to do was to continue to build and create with her hands just as she had been taught to do all her life.

I walked away for my interview with one main thing in mind that day, the Albarrán family. My family came to the United States in the 70’s and they knew one thing for certain when they came here, they knew Jewelry. My father, my grandfather, my great grandfather, and my uncles from generation to generation have passed down the knowledge that ties to their very fingertips as Jewelers.

This past Saturday I was able to host an evening in my home to honor the men of our family.  Due to timing and last minute planning, I wasn’t sure I would have a great turn out and in the end I missed many of my uncles that I grew up with that were not able to make it but the turnout was still great.  My 82 year old grandfather, father, brothers, uncles and aunts came over for a night of storytelling and catching up.

They reminisced about how they came to learn this beautiful art form, they spoke about the ones who have passed away and left behind a legacy of knowledge no school could ever teach them. They laughed at some of the toughest lessons learned and in the end I hope they realized that they continue to enrich our lives.

Coming to the States, they came here with a promise of a better future for themselves and for their children, they have become fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers hoping that their children and grandchildren get higher education- a better life. Truth is no matter what we do with our future I’d like for all of us to know that this trade of being a Jeweler is not a small thing, it’s an amazing art form that transcends from their generation, to our generation and hopefully to the next. I hope that the secrets of an Albarrán Jeweler are never lost, because to wear something that one has made is an honor and a privilege. 

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