Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Austin, TX | Spring Break 2017

Thanks to Facebook Memories, Spring Break in Austin is really like 2017, 2015, 2012 and so on. We've relied on this city to provide a great escape to us for quite some time now, it's not to far away and that makes the drive there easy. Some how to us it is just far enough to feel like we are really far away. So many people always ask - Why Austin? Or What's in Austin? 

I'm not 100% sure what the answer is but I have been drawn to this city since my single and broken hearted days and now as a family of four every time we visit we end up talking about moving there. Every. Time. I can probably tell you more easily what we have not been able to do on our trips there; things that everyone always wants to do in Austin. We have not been able to get into Hamilton Pools, I know this is sad but we have never had luck with that one, I can only assume there is a witching hour for getting in and we just are not making it on time. We have never stood in line at  Franklin's BBQ - We went once after 10 am and I am pretty sure it was laughing at us as we drove by. Other than that this we have over time tried all kinds of Austin things to do. 

We have shopped all around and love going to record stores from the college side of town straight to Congress St., resale shops, antiquing and vinyl records are a must. Although H-Town is know to be a mega "Food" city, you can't really go wrong in finding a good place to catch some grub. Food trucks are a must, Torchy's Tacos muy beno! Pizza joints no problem try some Via 313 Pizza and get your pie on. Summer time calls for some serious shaved ice and I promise your taste buds will be happy. 

Although Hamilton Pools is one good place to find a watering hole don't forget Barton Springs is a great watering spot and head over to Lady Bird Lake and go canoeing or paddle boarding. I have to say we are old school and simply enjoy Lake Travis, we rent a Pontoon boat and a jet ski and set out to have lunch and some fun times on the lake. This year we had a change of pace and rented a small Ski Boat and we had a blast. 

Our little family like to go out for an easy hike (especially with the little bear in tow) we enjoy heading over to Perdenales State Park, truly there are so many parks in and around the city you can't go wrong. The city quote "Keep Austin Weird" so if you go wondering about make some "weird" stops like we did this trip and find your self at "Hope Outdoor Gallery"

So if you want to get away and keep it nice and easy find yourself in the winding roads and steep dips of Austin, TX. Go exploring and be weird! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! 

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