Monday, April 10, 2017

CARS 3 | Race Lane Passes

Mondays always seem to come at me way too fast! Our weekends are busy, I always find my self wondering how a mom of three or four juggles her weekends! How does she keep her kiddos busy during the weekend and how quickly does her Monday come around **Gasp** Well I'm going to give you something to help plan out your next weekend! This Saturday April 15th from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at Memorial City Mall will be having a very unique CAR show, gearing up for the upcoming release of Disney Pixar's Cars 3: Road to the Races. 

You and your family can come out for free family friendly activities and the opportunity to take a picture with the stars of Cars 3 and get an exclusive sneak peek of the movie. How do you sweeten a free family friendly event? I am giving away a family bundle (5) Race Lane Passes, these passes will allow you and your family quick entry and skipping any existing lines at the event! 

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Not only do you get a free event for your kiddos, you get to be Super Mom with Race Lane Passes! How awesome is that? Maybe you even get to wear your kiddos out for a relaxing evening binge watch the Cars Movies leading up to the new CARS : ROAD TO THE RACES!

Can you believe CARS first movie came out when my kiddo was 10 years old? He will be 21 this year!! Cars 2 came around when Little Bear was only 2 years old! She is now 7yrs old! WOW the amazing thing is that both will be ready to experience CARS 3: Road to the Races in a heart beat!! Don't forget to enter below for your chances to win your Race Day Passes!! 


  1. How neat, so excited for this movie! The cars land and ride was our favorite experience at California Adventure in Disney!

  2. Yes and he loves it looking forward to seeing Cars 3 with him.

  3. This sounds so much fun! I'm sharing on my Timeline!

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