Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Go Boldly | Building Dreams

Over the weekend, my husband and I finalized and signed on something big. How big? About 130,680 square feet big! We have been looking for and praying about the possibility of buying land and Friday afternoon we did just that! I have been beyond excited and ideas about everything we want to do have been running around my brain like crazy. What on earth are we going to do with all of that land?

Well it’s not a crazy amount of land, so the cattle farm we wanted is out of the question! Just kidding no cattle farming for us, although the idea of having more pets have crossed our minds.  My husband keeps talking about little goats and I have been teasing him about a little pet pig. Of course he probably is thinking more along the lines of dinner options while I would be more likely to name each one.
Meet Paul, Ringo and John! Just kidding... these are not mine!

For over a year we have known that our current, beautiful and perfect to us for the since the moment we bought it home is not our forever home. Our house is where I labored for hours while we waited for little bear to be born, it’s the place where my son and his friends hung out and celebrated the high school years. It’s a place for countless Friday night barbecues with friends and family. Our house has been our beloved home for 8 yrs and we have lived in it fully, you can tell because each room holds the proof that friends and family have been welcomed here.

Why? Right now we know that we have out grown our space, not the house itself but garage and outdoor surroundings. We both (husband and me) love to work in our garage and we are constantly climbing over each other trying to make our space work. We both may not have a clue what our house will ultimately look like but we each have a whole workshop planned out in our minds.

Timing. As we set out to look for the next place to call home, we found what we believed to be the one more than a couple of times. We have come across one possible lot of land or one perfect looking house after another each time to understand that it wasn’t the one. The whole time we have counted on one for sure thing. God’s timing, not ours. We have prayed about our plans and we always felt that if we would found something it just fall into place. After evenings of taking a drive aka looking for property, in our area lots of people don’t believe in listing their land. They are old school and they go out and put up a sign “For Sale by Owner” therefor we have seen one beautiful sunset after another driving around to see what we could find. In the end it was about the right conversation at the right time with the right person. Simple no long drives or realtor apps to make it happen.

What comes next? I have no idea, really the easy answer is – we build a house - but of course we have many steps to take before that becomes a reality.  So today I ask you to join us as we begin to understand exactly what we have gotten ourselves into.