Monday, July 24, 2017

Spirit Riding Free | Giveaway

This is a sponsored post by DreamWorks & Netflix.
All opinions are form a bunch of beautiful girls and my own! 

You are like so many of us out there Netflix is your jam. Seriously I remember some twelve maybe even fifteen years ago. Receiving DVD’s in the mail and sending back in anticipation of the next. So yes Netflix and I go way back! Now we are in the times where we binge watch a whole season in one afternoon.

My little bear is known for doing this too, which means momma bear has to always make sure that what she is watching is good. Long gone are my days of flipping the TV to DisneyJr. and never worrying about what she watches. 

When we were introduced to Spirit, I wasn’t sure how she was going to like it. She has slowly drifted away from the world of cartoons, stating that they are for little kids. Not to mention that there are cartoons out there I don’t want her watching at all! So finding a good in between is hard to do. 

I sat down with her to watch the first episode of Spirit and we were both pleasantly surprised. By the next day we had finished watching the whole season! She loved it! 

From the great art work in the illustrations, to each of the personalities in the little girls, we were drawn in. Of course Little Bear wants a horse now… with the purchase of the land recently it might not be out of the question! 

If your kiddo hasn’t watched Spirit yet, it’s a great show to watch. Hoping for season two to come out soon! In the meantime she has no problem re-watching it, recently my nieces came over and girls started watching it again, from the 6 year old to the 9 year old they each loved the show. Even better we received some goodies for her to be entertained with and she is over the moon excited about that! The best thing, they sent me a great swag-bag to giveaway! So enter below for a chance to win! 

A super cute kids tote by Port Authority, Spirit Poster and activity sheet, two bracelets, tattoos, chap-stick, luggage tag,  hair tie, a bandanna and my favorite Spirit Riding Free "The Adventure Begins" chapter book! Little Bear's favorite part of her swag-bag!

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