Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekend Rewind | Making More Memories

This weekend was nice, we kicked it off with a movie screening and we ended it with a photo shoot for little bear. Everything in between consisted of the regular fair of ordering Chinese food and catching up on our current Netflix favorite.  I am working on Quantico, my oldest is binge watching Friends  and little bear just discovered a new one Trollhunters. All I can say is that thankfully I can chill and watch any of them and I am good to go! 

One of my favorite perks in the blogging world has been movie screenings! So after a very hectic first two days back to school, we had a movie screening Saturday morning at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. My family will take any excuse in the book to make a trip into Houston, so this one on a Saturday morning was the perfect excuse to make it a family affair. We woke up early and made a trip to one of our favorite breakfast spots “TheBreakfast Klub” and filled our bellies. If you have never been to “TheBreakfast Klub” I suggest you do and I suggest you go early before the line wraps it’s self around the building – because yes, it’s that good. Don’t know what to order? Give those waffles and wings a try! Yum!

Running into good friends at MFAH
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Leap! Was the movie we had the opportunity to screen and it was super cute! Yes my 20yr old joined us and even he liked it. A good movie about following your dreams against all odds and knowing that through it all it takes hard work. There might be failure but there can always be your vision 1.0 and then 2.0 and maybe even 3.0 but if you keep trying and follow your heart you might just learn to fly.

At the end of our weekend I recruited my oldest to take little bears pictures, because Facebook reminded me of the pictures he took of her in Kindergarten and the ones he took of her last year for First Grade and I just couldn’t let Second Grade go by without capturing her just as she is right now. My 7 year old (not going on 17) but very ready for year 8 to roll around. Her sass, her own eye for fashion and her love for cartwheels and anything out door.

My babies doing what they love
How do you not make more of those cheesy Facebook memories? Ultimately they are my memories of my beautiful crazy very imperfect family that is whining one second because it’s too hot outside and the cracking up laughing the next because hey that’s life! 

Sneak Peak of Little Bears Back to School Photo Shoot 

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