Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Garden.

The Garden.

Carrots are looking good 

Moving out here to our little farm has been challenging at times everyone has an idea of what we are supposed to do out here. They ask us what kind of animals we are going to have, are we going to have goats? Cows? Do we want horses? What about chickens?  They want to know what we are going to plant and some save seeds for us or they gift us plants with the general idea that we have the room so why not plant it. 

I’ve realized that out here things need to be planned or at least I need to be able to plan them. You would be surprised how much ideas change depending on how far our water hose reaches. One hundred feet doesn't get us very far out here!

The Dream.

If you are from Texas or you watch HGTV at any point in the last few years you have heard of or seen Joanna Gaines. You might have even visited or wanted to go visit Waco, TX and go to the Magnolia Market at the Silo’s to either be inspired or do some shopping or like me do both. Now I wasn’t inspired go shopping for land because of the show or our many trips to the Silos but seeing what she’s done with their acreage is inspiring. I mean just look at her garden- its gorgeous. 

Joanna's home garden featured in County Living

My latest obsession is Garden Answer ( you can find her YouTube channel here ). Laura gives me the idea that although in south Texas acreage properties have these sweeping lawns with grass that goes on forever, maybe I can create something a little more lush. Maybe the idea of having a garden goes beyond raised beds. 

The Reality.

For now I have an idea of what I would like to do with my garden but we will just chip away at all the big luscious dreams with a few raised garden beds and the beginning of some landscaping around the house. Eventually I see a lot more raised beds and landscaping. Can you see it? I can!!

Onions & Garlic 
These won't be ready until the summer!

Lettuce & Carrots
These will with stand colder temps

These will go away with the cold temps

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