Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One hard week...

Here is a recap of how my running went down last week, by the way I was feeling really bad about my runs and I was having a hard time with my weight and just over all feeling really crappy about myself. I’m thankful that I’m writing again because it gives me the chance to get a different perspective about how things really turn out.

Monday- Was the Boston Marathon Bombing. At first I was not planning on running but then as the evening progressed I felt like that was exactly what I wanted to do. It was a hard run for a number of reasons but mostly, with it being such an emotional run I found it hard to concentrate. Then I went out much too late and it was getting dark. I didn’t feel comfortable with the darkness, giving the days events? I’m not sure, but it kept me from running my normal route because some parts were too dark. In the end my third mile felt impossible so I just walked/ran home.

Wednesday – by this time the week seemed unreal. There was now the West Texas plant explosion and all kinds of things going on with the Boston Bombing! My issues of feeling crappy were definitely insignificant compared to everything going on. Maybe that is why I was feeling crappy? Again I’m not sure but my run sure did reflect my mood, it sucked. It felt very very tough.

Saturday – I was determined, I have been working my way to training for a 10K that I will hopefully run in October. Therefore Saturday’s are going to be my “long run” days, according to my plan I needed to run 3.5 miles. So I got up and already had made up my mind, I was going to run 3.5miles no matter what. This run felt a ton better, in mile two I had to check my phone for a text message and it slowed me down some. (getting my phone back into my arm band is tricky once I’m all sweaty) I actually ran 3.65 miles and then walked home. It felt good to kick my bad weeks butt. HAHA!

On another note I have been eating all kinds of stuff that I had taken out of my diet so this week I’ll be making up for all that junk food. Also I have been dreading getting on the scale which has not moved in a couple of weeks, so this Friday I will weigh in. Let’s see how it goes!

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  1. I think you are doing great! I am sure you will progress as the days go by and get back on track! Excited to see you this weekend!