Thursday, April 18, 2013

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This week has been a rough week; I believe this week has been hard on all of us. If you are a Texan, American, if you are a father, mother, son, daughter, and yes if you are a runner (novice or experienced). It did not seem right to post anything without first addressing the Boston Marathon and close to home the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas.  I still am in shock and at a loss for the right words to say.  This is such a tragedy. The impact of what happen Monday will affect our lives for years to some, the same way that 9/11 has and the same way that Columbine has, the same way every sick and disturbing terrorist act has.  The lives lost, the homes destroyed and the people affected also have years of healing ahead of them and it breaks my heart.

Will we over come? I have no doubt that we will. We should hold strong to our Faith and Believe.
Running & Numbers - Okay I’ve stated before that I am a slow runner, I’ve been told “I can walk as fast as you can run!” yes it’s true and you know what? That’s perfectly fine with me, because you should have seen me walking LOL! Actually in the beginning I think I could run as fast as I could walk!

The first time I ran 3 miles it took me about 46 minutes and which translates to 15:40 per mile. In my defense I really was not sure I could run 3 miles at that time so I really paced myself. By March 30th when I ran COLOR ME RAD my time had improved and my average was 13:30 per mile.  Pacing yourself is very important, this I can vouch for. The first half of my 5k that day many people flew passed me, in the second half I slowly but surely started catching up to people that flew by me in the beginning.  Amazingly by the time I was in my 3rd mile I started passing a few people, mind you I’m sure that they were in better shape than I am but pacing yourself is important. 

If you ever try to start running by seeing how fast you can run then you will burn yourself out!

I would love to have been a person that hadn’t run since forever and then just took off running, no problems all Speedy-Gonzalez like - (AH-EM Alma!) No, I am still over-weight and learning the ropes of running day by day. I read other blogs about running and talk to other runners whenever I get a chance.

One awesome thing about running is that you goals are always getting pushed to the next level. I’m always pushing for a faster pace and I’m even training for a 10k (GULP!). This past Saturday I finally ran at a pace under 13min per mile! A goal I have been trying to reach for the last two weeks!!

I decided to post my running times on another page, so if you want to see where I’m at in this crazy mess I’ve gotten myself you can check it out here.  In the mean time I am encouraged daily by other people – normal people – girls that are just like me. Fighting the weight loss battle for themselves for their families and for their own sanity!


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  1. So happy for you!!!! The Boston tragedy and the explosion in West Texas just makes me feel so sad for the people involved, for their families, and then for the nation as a whole and our future. it makes me nervous for my kids but I know that we can not live in's not a way to live....