Monday, October 9, 2017

DIY Outdoor Mat

Happy Monday!! If you’re anything like me Monday’s are not the death of me (although sometimes they might seem like it). It’s not that I don’t like the challenge of a good ole’ Monday but some weekends are ride and die kind of of weekends. We go hard and eventually make it home, when we do get home it’s normally laundry and cleaning that awaits us. Boooooo. Either way Monday comes and stirs us up, it drags us in and slowly we refocus on work and plans and life and agendas.

This Monday I figured I’d bring you a quick DIY project that I worked on not too long ago.

For this you will need:
  • ·         Out door mat (like this from Target)
  • ·         Outdoor acrylic paint
  • ·         To make life easier a disposable brush or sponge
  • ·         Stencil with the design of your choice
  • ·         Optional painters tape (Although it’s optional, it comes in handy)

I wanted to make one of these for the longest time, there are so many quirky and funny sayings you can put on these, the possibilities are endless. A lot of people like the “Family Established” mats which is very cute, but we are just not that kind of family - too many last names ;) . Also there is the idea that I change my mind like a million times before I commit to anything, finally I found this awesome outdoor sign for my entry way.

It works for my entry way since there is a long walkway to the front door. Then I figured I could just make something to match it and that’s was exactly what I did.

Cutting a stencil was the easy part, thanks to my SilhouetteCameo and their design studio. Now getting the stencil to stick to my mat was the tricky part to this whole project, this is where the painters tape came in handy. Maybe duct tape would have been a better option? I’ll let you know, I want to give this one another try with something for the holidays.

I started off with a sponge brush and then tried a cheap little paint brush, I think the combo did well because the brush seemed to fill in some of the spaces that the sponge brush missed. I wasn’t sure how long this paint or this project would last, but after lots and lots of rain (Harvey) and sun it has help up really well!

Welcome Home Love Birds

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