Tuesday, October 20, 2020

On the other side.

I’ve thought about coming back to my blog for a long time. Each time I think about how on earth I would start it, what I would say and how do I explain being away for so long.

I’m still not sure what to say or where to start. I do know if I don’t do it one day it just won’t happen, so here I am on the other side of a really long break. One so long I’ll have a lot of catching up to do and for those of you wanting to know all the details, I promise I’ll fill you in at some point.

Today I wanted to share with you my current view.

At this point in time my life looks dramatically different, I’m not only a mother of two anymore, our little family of four grew to family of six! I now have the most beautiful daughter-in-law and handsome grandbaby I could ever ask for. My little bear is becoming a grizzly bear aka a pre-teen (LOL I joke I joke!)  My big kid is a husband and a father (and he is really wonderful at doing both!). We have moved from the home that holds all the most amazing memories into a home we’ve built from scratch.

I know what you are thinking and you’re right, I am way too young to be grandmother. It’s okay by me, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. After being a young mom at the age of 17, I have always been young for a lot of what comes my way. 

Here is a memory from my past (one I wasn’t expecting to share with you today). My son was in elementary about 10 years old and he wanted a sleep over for his birthday. I invited a few boys from his class and planned his little get together, just like any mom would. On the big day as the kids were being dropped off one mom rang our doorbell and when I opened the door she asked to meet my mom. At first I was confused because my mother didn’t live with me, once I realized why she was asking for my mom, I laughed and explained to her that I was Christian’s mom. She then did something I will never forget, she took her son home.

Although I am not sure why this story come to mind today, on my welcome back kinda day. I think it’s because what I’ll be sharing with you isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. My life hasn’t happened according to someone else’s idea of what order life is supposed to happen.  What I’ll be sharing with you is our way of doing life.  Knowing fully that this life is not my own.  Nor is it according to my plans – at all.  Despite all of that my view is pretty amazing – not perfect but beautiful though it all. Welcome back! 

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