Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A little bit of normal.

This year 2020, has been a rollercoaster, has it not? I mean to be honest the last three years have been a rollercoaster, we sold a house, we built a house, we moved twice in three months but that did not come smoothly and everything that happen in between made it even more challenging. Now we have this crazy year full of uncertainty and COVID and face masks but somehow we have managed to keep doing what we do. Somehow you can’t slow down the months and keep them from coming and going although sometimes you want to just stop and wait a minute. You want to get a better handle on things and plan things out better but nope although many claim that we are in year five of 2020 we find ourselves at the end of month 10.

To me that means the holidays are here and jeez that was fast. I am one that feels like, how we can be ready for the holidays if it was just March yesterday.

This past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch, bought a cart full of pumpkins and we carved them up. It’s a family tradition that we carve pumpkins the weekend before Halloween, partly because my dad’s birthday is on the 24th and it makes for a great get together and also because it’s hot. Try carving a pumpkin any sooner and you will have mush (in some cases fuzzy green mush) before you make it to Halloween.

It was a touch of normal to go out to the pumpkin patch with a side of face mask and lots of hand sanitizer but it was worth it.

Liam was so cute but like lots of toddlers he really did not want to participate and was really a grouch when it came to smiling for the camera. I am truly thankful for my son and his awesome skills at catching just the right moments – in between on the crying and temper throwing that was really going on!

He even caught some great shots of me as a grandma – see that’s pure talent right there!

From Halloween we take nose dive into birthdays for loved ones every single weekend until Thanksgiving followed by more birthdays and then Christmas! Somewhere in all that craziness I will do my best to decorate accordingly and go shopping for all of it and then we can finally say good bye 2020 and hope to god that 2021 will be better. Just remember that no matter what, the months keep rolling by and life keeps happening. Welcome back to a Weekend Rewind of sorts :)

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