Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The little things.

Well needless to say that last week was a little overwhelming. For reasons other than election day, because life moves forward even during the election. While Nevada counted votes so much happens in our everyday life. 

I had a friend loose her mother last week. I had a friend loose her father last week. My kiddo had a birthday last week. I also was worried because I knew a friend of mine was in a very difficult financial situation. While another friend was taking a leap of faith. 

An ebb and flow of joy and grief. Happiness and heartache. We sprinkle a little bit of Covid and this is 2020. Our stress levels rise and fall with every day and every situation. This week my friend that was grieving her mother last week (and I know still continues to) also celebrates life, her fourth grand baby being born over the weekend. My friend that was in a financial bind has found great relief today. 

Y’all it’s okay to be stressed and overwhelmed and it's okay to enjoy the little things too - even if the little things come in this mist of the big heavy stressful things. What do you do to help relive your stressful days? 

This year I’ve read a lot more than I have in recent years. I’ve started to garden too and I read a book about gardening!  I know next to pretty much nothing about gardening but it’s been fun to worry about peppers and tomatoes instead of politics. I love working on DIY projects and of course going for a walk works out all kinds of stress. My most favorite way to distress will always be surrounding myself with my loved ones. Taking time to celebrate my big kid will always make my heart the happiest.

Whatever it is for you I hope you find something to ease your day. 

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  1. "... it’s been fun to worry about peppers and tomatoes instead of politics." EXACTLY!! ❤️❤️